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  1. Firmware Chipless Software Activator (Virtual Ink Level 100%)

    Chipless Firmware for Epson Inkjet Printers.

    Chipless Firmware is used to use the printer with bulk ink or rechargeable cartridge without the need for Chip Reset.

    The entire process is done via software without having to disassemble the printer, without having to remove the card from the printer, without having to send the printer for service, does not change the model of the printer, the model continues as the original model of the printer. Example: Epson XP 241 will go without maintaining XP model 241, with the same original drivers.

    Requirements: All Firmware in this category must be enabled with an activation code, without the activation code the firmware will not work. Link activation code: https://forumsulink.com.br/store/category/3-keys-ativação-e-desbloqueio-firmware-sulink/

  2. Modified Firmware Chipless (.bin file, Without Activator)

    ".bin" Firmware Files for Epson Printers Chipless

    L1 = Eprom 1 - Front> side of the USB connector
    L2 = Eprom 2 - Back

    Requirements: These files are for use with Eprom Recorder, technical procedure.

    (No need to be activated with activation and unlocking key)

  3. Modified Firmware Chipless (USB Software Without Activator)

    Modified Epson Firmware Chipless files that can be transferred to the printer via USB without the need for other equipment and without the need for an activator. (No need to be activated with activation and unlocking key)

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